Testimonials 3

During a family holiday, I had a discussion with my (then) 12 year old daughter about her extra curricular activities and hobbies. It was during this conversation that we realised that we would both like to learn Karate, and was agreed that we would investigate the possibilities of us training together on our return home.

After a short phone call to Master Tony Preston, we attended The Blackbelt Zone Fitness Academy in Westbury to partake in a free introductory lesson to Shotokan Karate.

Now, I am 37 years old and not at the peak of my physical prowess. I was quite apprehensive regarding Karate training, which I believed would be very energetic and somewhat gruelling. Whilst Martial Arts training, like any type of rigorous exercise, is not ‘easy’, I found, somewhat to my surprise, that the level of physical exercise was not beyond my slightly ageing bones and un-toned muscles. Yes, it was certainly challenging (and continues to be so; "no pain no gain"), but it is also incredibly rewarding.

Since becoming a full member of Blackbelt Zone Fitness Academy in August of 2012, my life has changed for the better. I am fitter, slimmer, more powerful and generally healthier. Learning about the philosophies of Shotokan Karate and training in a culture of self-control and self-discipline has also given me a heightened sense of confidence and self-esteem and I feel the best I’ve felt in years, physically and mentally. It has also helped me to cement a stronger relationship with my teenage daughter through study and training together and progression through the early ranks of the Shotokan Karate grading system.

Blackbelt Zone Fitness Academy is testament to Master Tony and Sally Preston’s hard work, commitment and effort. The quality of training is unsurpassed. Master Tony’s skills, experience and attention to detail are of the highest calibre, and this is reflected in his students. The training facilities are ideal and the instructors are knowledgeable and helpful. Along with this, there is a great sense of community at the academy and everybody involved is very friendly and welcoming.

I would recommend training at The Blackbelt Zone Fitness Academy to anyone who is seeking physical or mental development. Young students will benefit fantastically from learning self-defence skills, improving fitness, health and well-being and studying the peaceful philosophies of self-development through the Martial Arts. And even if you are no spring chicken any more (like me), there is nothing to fear. With regular attendance and the high quality training available at the academy, anyone can attain the self-improvement that they desire and advance through the stimulating world of Martial Arts. …Even me!

Edward Rivers

Shotokan Karate Student

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